Coltrane Day 2016

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Long Island Jazz and Blues Music Festival – Coltrane Day 2016

Thank you to all our Sponsors, Exhibitors and Participants for making Coltrane Day 2016 a Huge Success!

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Love Jazz? We Hope you enjoyed this fun-filled day with performances from Roy Haynes to Randy Brecker, and others – tremendous live jazz music all day. Love the sound of New Orleans? How about Charles Neville, from the Neville Brothers. Gary Smulyan, Melissa Aldana, Firey String Sistas! Love The Grateful Dead and Jambands – Circus Mind and Elextrix. Blues and Funk? How about Bluesman Willie Steel and members of the Funk Filharmonik? Voices Of Huntington Gospel Choir, Transmorpheous Trance Dance, Reggae Jazz, The Constituents, Mikah Feldman-Stein, Toby Tobias, John Ambrosini and More! Something musically for everyone and we hope you enjoyed the event!

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WBAB Interview with Donnna Donna and Coltrane Home President Ron Stein
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